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Know everything about the best Co-Working Office Space

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Co-working office space: A way to turns your everyday coffee space into a perfect co-working space.

Feeling inefficient while working from home or spending big bucks on expensive cafes every day or paying hefty office rent!

No more worries now, as every problem comes with a solution, there is a solution for these problems also and the solution is- Co-working Space. Now, you will be wondering what is a co-working space? Just give a read to this article and know everything about it.

The word “co-working” as known today was put forth by Brad Neuberg in 2005.

A coworking is a business service provision model or style of work that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space. Unlike the usual official environment, these co-workings are usually not hired by the same organization. Generally, the co-working facility is used by self-employed, telecommuters, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small teams or freelance workers who want to reap the benefits of a flexible space. It can also be referred as a social gathering of a group of people who work independently, but share values, interests and love to work with the same minded people.

A co-working space is generally a phrase used to describe a business or organization which is dedicated to the complete co-working concept. These spaces signify a vital foundation of infrastructure for a new and rising workforce of people who work according to the where, when, how, and why of all that they want. These shared workplaces offer a collection of office-like amenities to their occupants like·

  • Hot-desks
  • Reserved meeting rooms
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • 24 x 7 power facility
  • Communal printer/copier/fax
  • Private branch exchange (PBX) systems
  • Shared kitchens, coffee, lounges and much more

The co-working space concept is gaining popularity as they are great for productivity as well as for maintaining the work-life balance. They help entrepreneurs to feel more confident while allowing them to tap into vast networks and work with other like-minded people.

These coworking spaces are proving to be a great fit not only for the small organizations but also for large organizations. They provide a strong connection between employees working in these shared workspaces when compared to regular offices. The group of researchers found that those who use coworking spaces have diverse attitudes just because of their workspaces. More meaningful work, greater job control and a sense of community are the feelings associated with these co-working spaces.

A coworking office space can differ widely depending upon their location. According to the statistics, there were nearly 7,800 operational coworking spaces all over the globe in 2015 and the figure is predicted to reach 37,000 by the year 2018. This is just one fact. Isn’t it surprising!

Take a look at some of the incredible facts about these coworking space:

  • Nearly 70% of coworkers have stated that they have felt healthier as opposed to how they felt while working in a traditional office setting.
  • 64% of coworkers have indicated that they have become efficient & are better able to complete their tasks on time.
  • 60% of coworkers have that claimed they feel more relaxed and lead a more stress-free life now. Cheers to that.
  • Approximately, 78% of coworkers are under the age of 40 which means that these co-workers have a lot more to offer to your business with their young, energetic, and innovative minds.
  • A whopping 50% of all coworkers have reported higher incomes.

If you haven’t experienced the marvels of a coworking office space yet, then visit WorkWings, we offer you a professional setting where you can escape from the disturbances of home, but also provides the exquisiteness of association and an opportunity to connect with other freelancers and startup owners. It is more than just an office, in fact, a lifestyle. These are the places that offer pool of opportunities to thrive upon while sipping a cup of coffee.

If you have any doubts related to co-working space, come and contact us. We would love to hear it from you!



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