5 Things to consider while choosing a Coworking Office Space
5 Things to consider while choosing a Coworking Office Space

Planning to start your own start-up but confuse about the office space? Whether to start it from a formal office space or from a work place? We understand that choosing a right office space for a business, especially when it is about choosing the one for a start-up is a complicated task. But the speedy rise of the coworking office spaces in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Banglore, Mumbai and all other parts of India, has provided the solutions to the start-ups, entrepreneurs as well as freelancers to find the best office space according to their budgetary needs and company culture.

Today, co-working spaces are flourishing and have become a new trend. With hundreds of coworking office space available, it becomes difficult for start-ups to choose the best co-working space. To help you, we have brought 5 important things that that you should consider before finalizing your coworking office space for your start-ups.

Determine your business goals and needs

The first thing that one needs while searching for a coworking office space is to determine the needs and the goals of their business. Ask yourself what you aim for your startup and what you will gain from using the shared working environment. Do you just need an office address or a place to hold meetings with the clients and employees regularly? So, plan out the aspects you’re looking for in a coworking space beforehand . Create a list of your top needs and requirements which may include free WiFi, a certain internet speed, 24*7 accessibility, shared printers, free coffee etc. However, make sure that you don’t puzzle your needs with wants while making your decision.

Examine the culture you want to build

Company culture plays an important role, so scan the culture that you want to establish for your start-up carefully. If you want to give a youthful and energetic culture to your employees, then definitely coworking office space is best for choice for you and provides an opportunity to connect with like –minded people. It’s a place where new ideas are born, problems are resolved and new business partnerships are shaped. So, find a co-working office space that suits the culture of your startup. To get a better idea make sure to converse with current members.

Search out the Location

A location of a coworking office space is one of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration. Don’t just focus on the interior space, do check that the place you are selecting is easily reachable, has good parking facility, easy connectivity to public transport etc. Websites and pictures might not project an actual picture so, go and explore the place on our own and, if possible, try the space out for a day or two. Do remember that everyone’s needs are different, so choose a location that works for you and your needs.

Basic Amenities – Available or Not?

To maintain high productivity, employee satisfaction etc. make sure that the coworking office space you choose should have provision for basic amenities of work like sound internet connection, healthy sanitary, good cafeteria and pure water to drink. You can also confirm that there is electricity back-up, fast and reliable WiFi, good working environment, and comfortable seating facility etc. Do not forget to check all these absolute essentials in your co-working office space.

Analyze your agreement clearly

A coworking office space may or may not fit the needs of your business in a long run. So, be clear on all the terms of the agreement before signing up, as once signed a membership agreement may be difficult to break. Do a thorough research and get a clear understanding of things like minimum lease period, rent, mode of paying the rent, period of rental increases etc. As nobody wishes to work forcefully into a space that no longer fits his/her company needs. So, ensure that whatever space you choose should have the capacity to grow with your business and provides enough flexibility to you and to your employees to adjust easily.

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